fiscal summary


  • Berkeley Lake Elementary & High Tower Elementary: Retail space is rented by Corners within walking distance of schools. 
  • Beaver Ridge Elementary: Corners currently meets in an apartment leasing office. 
  • Summer Camp: The cost of camp is included with each of the 3 schools/neighborhoods. Camp continues the education momentum and brings in new students. Middle & high schoolers are camp counselors and are mentored & helped with career plans.  
  • Norcross and Kingsley Elementary schools begin in August. 
  • Administration includes leadership, insurance, workers comp, etc.
  • Corners Industries launched in 2017, and this is just startup costs. Corners Industries will employ parents of our students increasing our opportunity to influence the value of education.  
  • The total budget is $593,000, which includes year-round individual tutoring, summer camp, meals & snacks for $4/student per day.