Skills Matrix - Mentoring

Thank you for volunteering to mentor families in our community. At Corners Outreach, we believe in the Servant Leadership model, which follows these key principles:

  • Serve First - In each encounter, ask the question, “How can I serve you?”  
  • Build Trust - Are you trustworthy? Are you willing to extend trust to others? 
  • Live Your Values - What are your values? In order to live your values, you must first define them. 
  • Listen to Understand - Do you talk more than you listen? Can you set aside all distractions and be present for people? 
  • Think About Your Thinking - What is your attitude as a leader? Are your thoughts about yourself or others holding you back? 
  • Add Value to Others - Are you a leader who consistently adds value? Do you always have to take the credit? 
  • Demonstrate Courage - Are you willing to make tough decisions and follow through on them? Do you keep your commitments? 
  • Increase Your Influence - Will you do what is right even when it may produce an unpopular outcome? Do you strive to be open and authentic with no hidden agendas? 
  • Live Your Transformation - If you have something, do you share it? If you need something, do you ask for it?