the Corners Outreach team

  • travis sanders

    b.s. mathematics, Birmingham southern

    During and after college, I worked with children in inner city Atlanta. My heart is to help low income families. Corners Outreach is a resonating balance of serving and connecting the community that aligns well with my passion.

  • cinthia felix (BILINGUAL)

    B.S. business, Harding University

    I was born here in the states but grew up in Mexico until I was 6 years old. I had to learn to speak English and adjust to the culture. This is something the families at Corners Outreach go through as well. I am able to support and encourage our students to learn English as their second language and be a support system to their families.

  • andrea burnett (BILINGUAL)

    m.a. intercultural studies, fuller seminary, B.s. Finance, University of flordia

    I have a heart for education and cultures around the world. After college I taught English and elementary school in Korea for four years and was deeply impacted by the poverty I saw firsthand in my global travels. The work I do at Corners Outreach allows me to make the world a better place by practicing the things I’m most passionate about: education, people from other cultures, empowerment, and community partnerships.

  • Ronald rodriguez (BILINGUAL)

    Moved to the states from el salvador

    I had the opportunity to start working on something a few years ago that I really enjoy doing: helping others. It gives meaning to my life! Corners Outreach has been an immense blessing to me. I have met so many wonderful people from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Kathy Alejandra Duncan (Bilingual)

    B.S. International Business and Global Economic Development, Harding University

    The Lord has blessed me with incredible opportunities and provided for me to go to school so that I can be better equipped. That is why the vision and mission of Corners Outreach is very dear to my heart. I was born and raised in a developing country, and I never thought I could afford studying in a developed country. But God provided the means and ways, and along with that God provided people to guide me, teach me and encourage me. I want to be that for our kids and community: to guide them, equip them, serve them and love them.

  • carrie perkins (bilingual)

    b.A. spanish, troy university

    I first came to Corners Outreach with Troy University on a spring break mission trip. After college, I applied to teaching positions and ended up back at Corners Outreach because it gives me the opportunity to connect with people and help the community become a place where kids grow into empowered adults.

  • Caleb Stevens

    BBA in Business Management, University of GA

    I'm passionate about helping build strong, healthy families, and I love Corners' multi-generational approach to serving both students and parents. I also enjoy building relationships with the generous folks in our community who are looking for ways to get involved and make an impact. 

  • Sara Kellum

    B.A. in Marketing, Harding University

    Corners Outreach is a unique nonprofit because it began by meeting a basic need in the community. But instead of stopping there, they met need after need after need, and are now serving the community and beyond. Corners is transforming lives in children with individualized tutoring and mentorship, parents with increased job offerings and skills classes, and much more. I’m so thankful to be a small part of that difference.

  • AMy Campbell

    M.A. English and Grad Certificate in Nonprofit Management, University of Tennessee

    It’s great to work with a group of people who are passionate about change and diversity. Within Corners Outreach I see a grasping for both betterment of individuals and of communities. I’m glad that I can bring the things I’ve learned and passions I have to this organization.

  • Larry Campbell

    B.A. in Accounting, Middle Tennessee State University

    While I grew up in low income (poverty), I was always told I could do anything or be anything and that education would allow that to occur. I was able to have a successful business career due to education and belief in working hard. I started Corners Outreach on that same belief. When I meet with our students and families, they need help on education so that they can be successful. Many of our parents work so many hours just to survive. I appreciate their attitude and work ethic, choosing contentment despite hard situations. Our students love learning. I wanted to find a way to help them while also helping our community.

  • Maurie Ladson (Bilingual)

    Mexican-American originally from California

    I have always enjoyed working with the youth. In college I was a YMCA counselor and after moving to Atlanta and starting a marketing career, I also volunteered with the Children’s Restoration Network. When I moved into banking I sought to affect positive change in my community through building and maintaining strong relationships and mentoring youth. It was then that I came to know Corners Outreach and I’m so grateful they’ve allowed me to utilize my gifts and experience.

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