Our partnership with Corners Outreach contributes to noticeable gains for students in both their reading level and math skills from the beginning to the end of the school year.

- Jim Carter, Assistant Principal

Berkeley Lake Elementary

- Nancy Lorenz, Teacher at Hightower Elementary

As helpful as their assistance has been, what is even more impressive are the people and their attitude towards service.  They are consistent and dependable, always honoring their commitments to help...they are caring and respectful to all of our families receiving help, striving to maintain dignity.  I have never doubted that their sole purpose is to serve their community.

- Laura Marantz, ED.S, Professional Counselor

Berkeley Lake Elementary

Hightower teachers have seen a huge improvement in our student's understanding after attending Homework Club! We can't thank them enough for their dedication and the love they show our students.

 - Mrs. Mickle, School Counselor

Hightower Elementary

Corners Outreach makes student's homework easy and fun. They motivate and encourage our students when they are struggling. The parents report that they have seen an improvement in their children's attitude when it comes to completing homework.

- Mrs. Alvarado, Parent Teacher Liaison

Hightower Elementary