Compass Curriculum

Developed by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

Developed by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

At Corners Outreach, we have created a curriculum that strengthens the body, mind, heart and spirit of our children. Using The Compass Advantage framework for positive youth development, we focus on nurturing eight core abilities that help children lead successful lives:









Research shows that the Compass abilities drive personal, academic, career, and life success. We believe it is the responsibility of families, schools, and communities to redefine success for our children—to engage them in relationships and experiences that foster health, wholeness, and well-being. This is what we strive to do at Corners Outreach.

Why is it important to have an integrated curriculum that teaches social, emotional, and cognitive  skills to our students? Won’t they learn these abilities  along the way without our intervention?  

Too often, the answer is  no. Many children lack opportunities to acquire these abilities because of circumstances beyond their controls.



Research shows that when schools and after-school programs spend intentional time fostering internal abilities that improve social, emotional, and cognitive learning,  students improve academic achievement by an average of 11 points, increase student attitudes towards school, and reduce depression and stress among students.  By focusing on what matters most,  we increase a students’ success both in their school work and for their life.  

Our Executive Director Larry Campbell recently met with Lyn Turknett, a top CEO coach in Atlanta. When she heard about our work with Corners Compass Advantage Curriculum, she said,

“I believe Corners’ work on Compass is what really sets them apart from other tutoring and mentoring programs. We work with CEOs regularly to help them grow in these areas because they were not taught these core skills of character when they were young, and they need them to be successful in business and in life.”

We are always learning, growing, and changing. When we work to improve these abilities in ourselves, we make the teaching and sharing of them easier with our students.  When we debunk the theory that says kids need to learn and adults know everything, we join our students on the lovely journey of lifelong learning. At Corners, our staff is committed to grow  these abilities at the same time as our kids. We recognize and celebrate the fact that learning is a lifelong endeavor that can be a lifelong joy.

We could not have designed this curriculum without the help of Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, creator of The Compass Advantage and many great contributions to the field of positive youth development.  Dr. Price-Mitchell serves as a constant example of living out these abilities and celebrating lifelong learning.  You can find more about her own story of growth and change as she went from a Fortune 500 employee to a developmental psychologist at and more about her work in positive youth development at

At Corners Outreach, we stand against discrimination and bullying, and take an anti-racism approach to our community work. We believe that each person has the right to a job with a living wage, an education, a welcoming community, and a chance to better themselves and give back to others.