Mission & Vision


We are working for community change,
and nothing less.

Using a multigenerational focus, Corners Outreach is a catalyst for 100% high school graduation for students and improved career opportunities for underemployed parents.

Corners Outreach exists to transform students, parents and neighbors to reach God-given potential, break cycles of poverty and improve our community.

Communities thrive when each person is recognized, respected, and given a chance to live, work, connect with others and thrive.  At Corners Outreach, we work to empower peoples to live in a connected community and combat racism, bullying, discrimination and more.  

One of our guiding principles is a belief that each human has these rights: 

  • The right to speak

  • The right to see

  • The right to know

  • The right to be here

  • The right to feel

  • The right to act

  • The right to love


How will you be a part of
the change in our community?