12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Phase 7.png

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve created a list of 78 needs – which can you give?

Join us to make 2019 a success for our students and their families, working towards a THRIVING community for all of us!


Scroll down to make specific wish list donations.

1 $10k Donation
Toward a CI Truck

One landscape truck unit costs $69,500 for a box truck, a riding mower, 2 push mowers, blowers and weed eaters. Each truck employees 8 parents and tutors 37 students.

$10,000 Total

Choose Amount:

2 Riding Lawn

Professional grade riding mowers are expensive but the best thing to have in this business.  In order to take on more commercial properties (which we are bidding on), we’ll need more riding lawn mowers.

$7,500 Each, $15,000 Total

Choose Amount:

3 Summer Intern

Each year, we offer summer camp programs for our students for 8 weeks in three locations. Each location has a college intern, who tends to be our students’ favorite person!

$1,800 Each, $5,400 Total

Choose Amount:

4 Teen Camp
Counselor Outings

At summer camp, teens serve as camp counselors for our elementary students teaching them leadership, responsibility and purpose. We have teen meetings on life choices in the afternoon and every other Friday we do something big and fun. This summer we expect 80 teens.

$1,000 Each, $4,000 Total

Choose Amount:

5 Year-Long
Student Sponsorships

Last year we tutored more than 600 elementary students in our homework clubs.  It costs $4/day/student, and we spend approximately 200 days/year with our students.

$800 Each, $4,000 Total

Choose Amount:

6 New Corners
Industries Clients

Corners now has over 120 clients with many wonderful recommendations. We’re looking for 6 clients who will spend $500/month in 2019.

$500 Each, $3,000 Total

Choose Amount:

7 Weeks of Snacks
for all HW Clubs

Every homework club begins with a healthy snack. Each year we serve a phenomenal number of snacks – last year, we gave away more than 15,000.

$400 Each, $2,800 Total

Choose Amount:

8 Months of Utilities
at HW Clubs

We rent two retail centers for homework club, teen night, parents workshops and early learning sessions. The average water, electricity and wireless bill is $300/month/ location. We plan to open our 3rd retail space in January.

$300 Each, $2,400 Total

9 New $100/mo
Corners Champions

Corners Champions is our monthly club for donors and monthly donations can be an affordable way to give and a great gift to a nonprofit.

$100/mo Each, $900/mo Total

10 New $25/mo
Corners Champions

Did you know that 3rd grade reading levels are used to predict both high school graduation and (sadly) prison size? Please help us change lives by third grade! 87% of every dollar goes directly to change the lives of our students.

$25/mo Each, $250/mo Total

Choose Amount:

11 Fun Summer

Each summer, we come up with creative fun ideas like pirate day and can use help to fund these ”special” camp days. 

$25 Each, $275 Total

Choose Amount:

12 Compass Books

Corners Compass is our social-emotional curriculum, teaching our students twice weekly a lesson on a “soft skill” that successful adults employ. We buy picture books that teach these character skills and share them as a part of the compass lesson.

$15 Each, $180 Total