You can Make a Difference in the Community


Why we're passionate about changing our community

At Corners Outreach, we believe everyone has a rightful place in a community.  And we are working to give our neighbors the tools they need to accomplish what they want in life.  We desire for our community to stand together united in kindness, acceptance and inclusion.  If this calling speaks to you, please get involved.  We have numerous opportunities that allow you to use your strengths to be part of the change.  Start by filling out our volunteer survey, located at the bottom of our volunteer page.


connect through Corners academy

Corners Academy provides after school and summer tutoring to students from elementary school - high school.  Each day includes a snack, individual tutoring time, skill building, and games that make learning fun.  Many of our students are dual language learners, and are behind in school because they are learning English on top of all the regular school work.  These children are a joy to be around, and you can help them achieve their goals.  

Connect through corners industries 

Corners Industries employs the parents of students at Corners Academy, allowing them to be paid better wages and work less hours so they can take a bigger role in their children's lives.  

You can invest by requesting a quote and using us for lawn services, recommending us to friends and family, or by donating funds to help us buy the equipment we need. 

connect through Raising Awareness

We believe in leaning in and walking life out with these families, celebrating with them in triumphs and mourning with them in times of sorrow.  But most of all, standing up for what is right and including them and their talents in our community. If you want to do the same, attend one of our quarterly meetings, share with your friends and neighbors what we are doing, or just learn more about us through articles and press.